The mission of Humbug Farms is to lift spirits through connection with nature.

After sharing a meaningful release of dozens of Monarchs at our own wedding in 1999, we have wanted to play a part in extending such an experience to more people. So I began research and created Humbug Farms.

Humbug Farms is located in Santa Barbara, California and has been a member of the IBBA (International Butterfly Breeder's Association) since 2000. If we don't have enough butterflies to meet demand, we can help you find butterflies from one of several other reputable butterfly farms.

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In 2001, I designed a line of Gift Jewelry to help benefit the Monarch population. Proceeds went directly toward the Michoacan Reforestation Fund, a program that assists communities of people who share the Mexican rainforest with the migratory Monarch Butterflies. I am working on a new jewelry line that will continue this effort. Look for this new line of jewelry in Fall 2008.

In 2003, we helped to raise public awareness and funds to save one the largest Monarch overwintering sites in California. Known as the Ellwood Bluffs in Goleta, the land has been preserved and designated as permanent public open space. The specific area where the Monarchs spend their winters is called the Coronado Butterfly Preserve.

In 2006, we were inspired to create The High Spirits Fund, a program that provides butterflies to children and teenagers who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Please peruse our website and call or write to us if you'd like more information.

~~Kelly Wilcox Travers, Owner/Dreamer

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