Lifting spirits ~ Humbug Farms has created a program called the High Spirits Fund. The purpose of this fund is to collect donations in order to provide release butterflies to children who want to honor friends who have passed on.

How the fund works ~ Donations are collected and held in a fund for the exclusive use of covering the costs of butterflies for High Spirits Fund honorees.

The beginning ~ This program was just an idea in the spring of 2006. We received a call from friends of a young boy in Los Angeles who had died unexpectedly. His schoolmates were grieving and wanted to honor him with a meaningful ceremony. The children and parents wanted a butterfly release, but coming up with the funds on short notice was added stress at a difficult time.

In response, we simply donated the butterflies. The result was so rewarding that we wished we could do this more frequently.

Later, after hearing the news of a local boy who was also taken suddenly, the idea for a program to help grieving friends was reborn. Now we are seeing it through.

Giving and Honoring~ Each donation can be designated for a specific honoree, and any residual monies will stay in the fund to go towards butterflies for future honorees.

People can make donations here online, or send a check to us at:
Humbug Farms
P.O. Box 6587
Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Please designate if you would like to be credited or remain anonymous, and let us know if you are donating in honor of a loved one. With your permission, we will be adding names to a special section of our website dedicated to the benefactors and beneficiaries of the High Spirits Fund.

If you decide to make a donation, I sincerely thank you for helping us to help others.

--Kelly Wilcox Travers, Humbug Farms

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