Before the release, a reading or announcement is usually made to bring the guests' attention to the moment and the meaning of your celebration. This is an opportunity to bring everyone's focus together, to toast a couple, to honor a friend, or to simply invite everyone to pause in silence and reflection.

Then the reader invites everyone to release their butterfly, and soon your winged guests are taking flight!

Another Option: The Mass Release

As an alternative to releasing the butterflies individually, some people like to release groups of them from a single container. This is commonly called a "mass release." A mass release requires an extra step on the day of your wedding or event. The butterflies will need to be transferred from their individual shipping boxes to a larger release container. This could be a keepsake box, a hat box or something similar.

If you choose to do this, remember that butterflies are born to fly! The transfer process is very easy, but the butterflies must be cooled to keep them from flying. Follow the instruction sheet carefully, and make sure that everybody stays cool during the process.


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