What kinds of butterflies should I get?
Monarch Butterflies are the hands-down favorite for releases. Their wingspans range from 3 to 4 1/2 inches. They are brightly colored and have an elegant flight pattern. At Humbug Farms, we only sell Monarchs for release.

Will they be OK when they are shipped to me?
Yes. Butterflies are highly sensitive to temperature. Low temperatures (under 50 degrees) keep them inactive and calm. High temperatures wake them up, and they strive to fly and move about. Extreme heat for extended periods can be fatal to them. The Monarchs we sell are shipped to you in an insulated, cold packed container that ensures they arrive to you in good health.

Are they in little boxes or envelopes?
Yes! Your butterflies are star performers, and care needs to be taken that they are protected during shipping. The Monarchs we sell each come in a small rigid triangular box that protects their wings and fragile limbs. This is the same small box that you will give to each of the participants. Your butterflies will be protected and ready to go.

Are they in a chrysalis, and will they have to hatch?
No. We sell adult butterflies ONLY. Some farms sell pupae (chrysalides), but we don't recommend this if you are wanting butterflies for release at an event. Caterpillars and pupae need special food and conditions to grow into healthy adult butterflies.

How soon do I need to order?
Monarch Butterflies are available for release during the months of April through October. You can order up to a year in advance, but usually ordering 3 months in advance is early enough. The busy months of May through July book up faster each year as butterfly releases become more popular.

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